MacroAlgaeBiorefinery (MAB4)

The MAB4-project will breed and mature sea-farmed crops of seaweed by improved and new cultivation methods in Danish and Faroese waters. The goal is to establish seaweed cultivation as a Danish disciplin for providing seaweed biomass for the business sectors of food and feed ingredients, and cosmetics.


Brown seaweeds contain valuable substances such a s antioxidants, protein, polysaccharides and minerals that may be used as functional ingredients in feed, food products and skin lotions. For example the sugar component laminarin has proven antitumor, anticoagulative, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulation effects.


The MAB4-project is financed by "Innovation Fund Denmark."



  • Breeding of mature sea-farmed crops by using improved and new cultivation methods
  • Seasonal development of algae bioactive substances and their conservation during harvesting and storage will be followed closely
  • The results from MAB4 will provide guidelines for stakeholders from industry and for future seaweed cultivation

MAB4 is a project with a consortium of national and international experts on algae cultivation and biorefinery from universities, GTS-institutes, small and medium-sized businesses as well as relevant industrial end-users. The results from MAB4 will be a beacon for industry stakeholders and future seaweed cultivation.



  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Aarhus University
  • Kattegatcentret
  • DTU
  • Copenhagen University
  • Ocean Rainforest
  • FermentationExperts
  • AT-SEA
  • Morgenfruerne ApS
  • HĂžjmarks Group BHJ
  • Melissa ApS
  • Nordisk Tang
  • Hortimare Ltd.