Nordic Seaweed Conference 2019


9th Nordic Seaweed Conference -9th + 10th of October 2019 in Grenaa, Denmark. The topic of this year's conference was Meeting the UN sustainability goals by Innovation in Macroalgae as a Bioresource.

We thank all participants for engaging in seeweeds for two days in Denmark. We heard about latest results witin feed for pigs and cattle, how UV-filter from seaweed might be used in suncream and how people can increase their gut health and well-being by eating seaweeds on a daily basis.


Among others keynote speaker Dr. Balu Nayak from University of Maine underlined the importance of the pre-treatment process with focus on drying in order to maintain active components in seaweeds.


Programme and abstract book

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Balunkeswar Nayak: Innovations in the Sustainable Seaweed Processing Technologies for Food and Food Ingredients 

Rita Clancy: Future Sustainable Seaweed Industries in Europe - Social Aspects and the Need for Public Dialogues

David AldridgeSeaweed cultivation and processing for sustainable production of

food and other products

Rafael MeichssnerUV- screening in Baltic seaweeds  and its application in cosmetic  products

Marleen Van der HeideThe Effect of Local Seaweed on Growth Performance in Newly  Weaned Piglets

Hanne H. HansenWhat is the potential for methane  reduction and digestibility of seaweed  and seaweed products for cattle?

Fredrik GröndahlSEAFARM, Algae cultivation for a more  sustainable world

Heiko KellerOperationalising UN sustainable development goals on a  project level by linking them to integrated life cycle  sustainability assessment applied to algae-based products

Halvor MortensenMacroalgae initium - Building knowledge in schools

Theis BoderskovNutrient Sources for the  Organic Hatchery  Production of Sugar  Kelp, Saccharina Latissima

Prannie Rhatigan: Health benefits and uses of seaweed and how this has changed over the last 20 years in Europe

Ole Mouritsen: Umamification of vegetables by microalgae for eating more green

Ying YenSilage fermentation properties of Saccharina  latissima and Alaria esculenta under various  additives and processing methods

Susse WegebergThe Unknown Kelp Forests of Greenland  - The East Coast's Unexpected Lushness

Anne-Belinda Bjerre: Seaweed-based bioethanol, ABE and value-added products

Jean-Baptiste ThomasInsights on the sustainability  of a Swedish seaweed industry

Henrik Enevoldsen: United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development