Nordic Seaweed Conference 2017

Researchers, companies and seaweed enthusiasts from the Nordic and European countries and as far as Canada and Taiwan were gathered for the 7th time in Grenaa, Denmark for the Nordic Seaweed Conference the 11th - 12th of October 2017 exchanging their knowledge about this year's conference topic Seaweed and Sustainability.  


Jeff Norrie, Acadian Seaplants Limited opened the conference talking about the benefits of Ascophyllum nodosum extracts in plant health and production

Micro algae in chocolate

After a number of interesting scientific talks on extraction and characterization of value-added components derived from seaweed Tobias Hamann - winner of "Den store bagedyst" - shared his experience in using seaweed and microalgae in combination with chocolate and other sweet ingredients.


Sniffing chocolate with Tobias Hamann - winner of "Den store bagedyst"

The first day ended with poster session, seaweed marked, and the launching of the new Mellisa face cream Bio Ocean developed in the MAB4 project (Figure 3). The conference dinner was this year held underneath the largest fish in the world at the Kattegatcentre.


Proto type of brand new skin care product series - Bio Ocean - with seaweed serum launced at the conference by Danish company Mellisa



Algae drinks and sharks 


Material from Nordic Seaweed Conference 2017

You can download the programme here

You can download the presentations from the speakers below.


Jeff Norrie, Acadian Seaplants Limited: Benefits of Ascophyllum nodosum extracts in Plant Health and Production: From Genomics to Yield and Quality

Joakim Olsson, PhD Stud., Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: Composition and processing of Ulva intestinalis from 8 different sites along the Swedish coast


Maria Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Post doc., DTU, Denmark: Fucoidans: enzymatic purification and degradation


Ditte B. Hermund, Post Doc, DTU, Denmark: Functional ingredients from Saccarina latissima for cosmetic Applications

Gizaw Dabessa Satessa, PhD student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Effects of seaweeds and other feed additives on in vitro rumen fermentation, methane and total gas


Martin Riis Weisbjerg, Senior Scientist, Aarhus University, Denmark: Preservation of seaweeds as silage


Teis Boderskov, Research Assistant, Aarhus University, Denmark: First year results of growing seaweed in an exposed location at Grenaa, Denmark


Maren Sæther, Seaweed Energy Solutions, Norway: Process and product development for tasty, healthy and safe seaweed food products in Europe


Alireza Naseri, DTU, Denmark: Enzymatic extraction and characterization of protein from Eucheuma denticulatum, (Eucheuma spinosum)


Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup, Product Manager, DTI, Denmark: Creating a business case for value added algae bio-refining


Bodil Pallesen, Senior Consultant, DTI, Denmark: Industrial applications from Seaweed achieve cradle to cradle Gold certificate